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Former national-level machine learning advisor; supply chain thought leader, join Oii.ai’s advisory team

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Former national-level machine learning advisor; supply chain thought leader, join Oii.ai’s advisory team

May 27
02:46 2023

Supply chain automation company Oii.ai is once again expanding its leading team of artificial intelligence and supply chain experts. The company welcomes two new members to its advisory board: Madeleine Udell and Trevor Miles.

Madeleine Udell, Algorithmic Advisor

Madeleine joins Oii.ai as a top Algorithmic Advisor. She’s a former national-level machine learning advisor. Madeleine became a tenured professor at Cornell University, and is currently a professor at Stanford University. She brings to Oii.ai experience in operational algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to help the company execute its vision of optimization and automation of supply chain design. Madeleine’s expertise in large-scale data analytics will guide Oii’s strategic evolution of its Optii AI product. 

“I truly believe in Oii’s vision of building robust supply chains, and I’m extremely excited to join Oii.ai as an advisor so that I can be part of that vision. The company understands the critical need for supply chains to hold up against the factors that are likely to disrupt the fabric of a country’s economy. Oii is responding to classic issues in supply chain operations by employing cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. Its combination of deep learning and regression modeling techniques will shore up existing designs, while at the same time configuring them to resist risks during sudden changes in network policies and structure. I look forward to learning from – and providing insight to – a team dedicated to such a complex process.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Professor Udell.  She has already helped us achieve a new level of sophistication in our predictive modeling of future demand, network performance and supplier variability. This allows Oii.ai to predict risks for distribution networks and to identify effective mitigations for these risks,” said Bob Rogers, CEO of Oii.ai.

Trevor Miles, Chief Strategist

Trevor has spent the last 30+ years advising companies on supply chain software development and implementation. He joins Oii.ai as Chief Strategist. Trevor was the Thought Leader at Kinaxis, the world’s number one supply chain management software company, as rated by Gartner. His experience will help bridge the supply chain, AI, and software development efforts of Oii.ai’s founding team. Trevor brings a new source of innovation and focus to the company.

“I’m proud to be joining Oii.ai as Chief Strategist as the company moves forward in its pursuit to help build resilient supply chains. As a career-long supply chain practitioner, what excites me about Oii is that it has found this intersection between the supply chain fundamentals optimizing inventory, service, and cost – and enabling that with modern technology with the use of artificial

intelligence and machine learning, with the goal of developing supply chains that are resilient by design. What I love about Oii’s Optii tool set is that it can help organizations meet the challenges of network performance and demand variability in their supply chains. In a fast-paced world, you need dynamic tools to achieve your supply chain objectives. This I know from decades of experience in the industry, and it’s a challenge that Oii has graciously accepted.”

“Trevor Miles is one of the most respected Supply Chain experts in the world, whose knowledge and experience range from the deepest academic details of supply chain modeling to the most practical aspects of ensuring that product flows smoothly through a distribution network. That knowledge, combined with his experience building and deploying enterprise software, make him an incredibly exciting addition to the Oii.ai team. We are very fortunate to have him join us,” added Rogers.

About Oii.ai

Oii.ai is a data science company specializing in supply chain modeling. Its product, Optii, utilizes AI, machine learning, and digital twin technology to offer new capabilities for supply chain teams. Optii enables companies to predict supply chain challenges and automatically adjust to real-time changes in product distribution. It maintains the optimal network set-up to meet service goals, minimize costs and waste, and increase revenue. Oii.ai is believed to be the first company to develop AI software that specifically reads and responds to the variability of supply chain factors. The company has bases in California and the UK. 

Learn more at Oii.ai

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