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Efforts in Complement Testing Drive Creative Biolabs Forward

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Efforts in Complement Testing Drive Creative Biolabs Forward

May 26
18:24 2023
Creative Biolabs, a long-standing provider in the field of complement therapeutics, is taking significant strides towards advancing complement therapeutics development research globally through its expansive range of complement testing services.

New York, USA – May 26, 2023 – In recent years, substantial progress has been achieved in complement therapeutics research, and complement tests are considered essential in complement therapeutics research for their contribution to determining whether deficiencies or abnormalities in the complement system are occurring or contributing to the disease or condition. Creative Biolabs relies on extensive testing experience to launch a diverse range of complement testing services, including but not limited to complement function/activity tests, complement autoantibody tests, and complement genetic tests.

As a leading provider of complement function/activity tests, Creative Biolabs adopts various testing techniques to assess the integrity of the classical, alternative, and lectin complement pathways, and offers hemolysis testing, and complement receptor ligand binding assay services, which contribute to the assays of complement deficiency and also the evaluation of complement activity research applications.

An expert who works in complement therapeutics research at Creative Biolabs said, “the hemolysis test is a kind of complement function test to measure the ability of complement therapeutics and their components to inhibit hemolysis induced by complement activation.”

“We use CH50 complement test or AH50 complement test techniques to evaluate the functions of classical pathways and alternative pathways,” continued the expert.

With its hemolytic inhibition assay service, Creative Biolabs aims to help clients accelerate their complement therapeutics development process while ensuring safety and efficacy. Their team of PhD-trained scientists and technicians performs the assays with high accuracy and reproducibility. The company also guarantees timely delivery and offers competitive pricing.

“Due to the fact that different complement proteins have different physiological functions when they bind to the receptors, the complement receptor-ligand binding assay is required,” the scientist added, emphasizing its significance in complement therapeutics research.

At Creative Biolabs, scientists have cleverly established an advanced assay platform and implemented a series of standardized processes to ensure the validity of assay results. Additionally, Creative Biolabs will also employ state-of-the-art assay techniques, such as radiolabeled or non-labeled, liquid-phase or solid-phase binding, and thermodynamic-based methods for receptor-ligand binding screening and quantification.

For more information about complement testing services at Creative Biolabs, please visit https://www.creative-biolabs.com/complement-therapeutics.

About Creative Biolabs

Aiming to collaborate with global researchers to promote complement therapeutic improvement, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to delivering a variety of complement testing services, including complement function/activity tests, complement autoantibody tests, and complement genetic tests. Moreover, the company provides customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

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