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Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting LLC helps couples save their marriages through healing after betrayal.

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Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting LLC helps couples save their marriages through healing after betrayal.

January 17
21:40 2023
Daring Ventures aims to help couples heal through a new evidence-based counseling model and provides resources for success in marriage.

Marital joy has been elusive, with many marriages ending in divorce and many other couples living in unhappy relationships. Studies have found many reasons for the increase in divorce rates, among them a lack of emotional intimacy between partners, addictions, partner affairs, betrayal trauma, and more. Couples who want to work through their issues often opt for couple therapy. 

According to Dr. Jake Porter, founder and president of Daring Ventures and creator of the Couple-Centered Recovery model, most counseling and coaching approaches use shame to force individuals into change. Daring Ventures aims to provide couples with an evidence-based road map toward recovery and better relationship health. Besides helping couples face their wounds, restore trust, find connection and grow individually and together, the counseling and coaching services also focus on equipping couples with the skills to handle marital challenges better long after therapy has concluded. Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting LLC is dedicated to ensuring that couple therapy teaches practical techniques to help people heal and navigate conversation topics commonly difficult for partners. 

Betrayal Trauma

Security in a relationship is one of the strongest predictors of the health and longevity of a coupling. Even the slightest flash of doubt challenges a relationship’s security, shattering the primary attachment’s strength. This affects both the physical and emotional health of partners. Many people who realize that their partner has betrayed them develop betrayal trauma. Studies have shown that betrayal trauma is common in people who have had relationships with addicts and chronic cheaters. Disclosure, when one partner finally opens up to the other by sharing the full truth of the betrayal, is often a necessary first step toward healing and rebuilding trust.

“We understand the far-reaching effects of trauma on individuals and the relationship. Therefore, we focus on addressing the trauma that has led to attachment rupture. We want to get to the root of what led to the addictions, affairs, and other related issues through Couple-Centered Recovery,” shares Dr. Porter.

Healing relationships after betrayal

According to the team of professionals at Daring Ventures Counseling, Coaching, and Consulting LLC, rebuilding trust is crucial to the survival of marriages after betrayal. The team challenges couples to choose connection with one another in order to heal, break free from shame, move into wholeness, grow joyfully, profoundly transform, and eventually live courageously.

With an emphasis on the good of the coupleship, Daring Ventures helps individuals grow their capacities for empathy, understanding themselves and their partners, and having the courage to face challenges and embrace growth. Through these methods, Dr. Jake Porter helps couples break free from negative relational cycles that keep them shackled to their problems and breed shame and contempt rather than provide a pathway to healing and growth.

Daring Ventures offers brain-based treatment, group and intensive counseling, and coaching services. Daring Ventures’ services are not limited to in-person sessions; Dr. Jake leverages social media to provide knowledge and information to help individuals and couples identify issues in their lives to help mitigate damage early.

For more information, visit Daring Ventures or follow Dr. Jake on social media.

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