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Join Summer On Her Mission To Transform Marriages & Enhance Joy For Families Everywhere

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Join Summer On Her Mission To Transform Marriages & Enhance Joy For Families Everywhere

January 12
22:39 2023

Twenty years ago, Summer Cox found herself in an all-too-familiar scenario – she was stuck in a difficult marriage, feeling lonely, unseen, and undervalued. While her primary concern was for the children involved with this marriage, she began to feel trapped and hopeless.

However, instead of succumbing to blame and further heartache, Summer chose to take matters into her own hands. She devoted herself to studying various aspects of mindfulness, spirituality, and psychology; examining her thoughts; and spending countless hours in meditation and prayer.

As a result of her newfound spiritual practices and introspective attitude, Summer learned how to better understand how her husband was experiencing their marriage as well as how she could show up differently during their interactions. Her observations were so profound that she even went on to earn a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy in order to help other people going through similar struggles.

Summer Cox also developed a communication model with four objectives contained within four checkpoints. This would become the foundation for what would eventually become “Be The Change In Your Marriage” – a book aimed at helping struggling couples just like her gain back power over their relationships.

Inspired by her success story and eagerness to teach others what she had learned during this time period, Summer decided to create a coaching program specifically designed for wives looking to repair their relationships.

Summer is now living out her life’s purpose – changing families one wife at a time! Not only has she been able to share what she learned during those difficult times but also give back by providing professional tools and advice that can truly make an impact on people’s lives.

Summer is passionate about helping individuals discover the power they have within themselves to improve relationships with their significant others.

To learn more about Summer, her podcast and her coaching, make sure to check out her website here: https://bethechangeinyourmarriage.onuniverse.com/.

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