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5 Leading Video Tools to Check Out in 2023: Peech, Truvid, Powtoon, SoapBox, Magisto

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5 Leading Video Tools to Check Out in 2023: Peech, Truvid, Powtoon, SoapBox, Magisto

January 06
17:39 2023

The evolution of video content consumption in the digital era has been nothing short of revolutionary. In the early days of the internet, video content was limited to small, low-resolution clips. However, as digitalization advances and technology improves, so too has the quality and accessibility of video content. Social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram have also played a significant role in the evolution of video content consumption. These platforms have made it easy for anyone to create and share their video content, which normalized the visual-driven aspect of telling and consuming stories.

Storytelling through videos has become an increasingly effective way to engage and connect with audiences. In today’s fast-paced world, videos have the power to capture consumers’ attention and hold it for longer periods than text-based content. This makes them a powerful tool for conveying information and ideas in a way that is both engaging and memorable.

Several factors contribute to the effectiveness of storytelling through videos. One is the use of visual and audio elements, which can help to create a more immersive and emotional experience for the viewer — from music, and sound effects, to voiceovers that help set the tone and mood of the story. With these factors in mind, content creators, publishers, advertisers, and marketing teams around the world are relentlessly scouring solutions to keep up with the content revolution and overhaul their business models.

Here are 5 leading video tools that every business should check out in 2023:

Peech is a video editing and management platform that helps marketing teams easily create, transcribe, collaborate on, optimize, and publish video content. The company is led by CEO Danielle Dafni, who has a background in media marketing, video editing, visual design, ad creation, and media art. 

Danielle recognized the difficulties that marketers and content creators often face when trying to turn written content into videos, despite not necessarily having expertise in video creation. With their generative AI technology, marketers, content managers, and social media managers can generate professional videos using their own media content without the additional expenses of hiring outside video services.

Truvid is a technology-driven platform that provides exceptional video experiences for publishers and end-users. They have created a business model that allows publishers, content owners, and advertisers to instantly connect with a live video ecosystem and communicate with each other to engage audiences around the world. 

Truvid’s unique approach enables publishers and content owners to expand their reach and allows advertisers to effectively target their advertisements to the appropriate audience. By empowering all marketplaces through this innovative model, Truvid is able to provide unparalleled video experiences that are beneficial to all parties involved.

Powtoon is a renowned video and visual communication platform that aims to help individuals, teams, and companies achieve their goals by converting communications into visual experiences that capture the attention and inspire action in their audiences. 

Initially designed to help marketers and entrepreneurs capture attention, today’s visual communication platform has evolved into a versatile tool that is used in a variety of settings, including business presentations, product launches, digital and broadcast advertisements, and explainer videos.

Soapbox is a user-friendly platform that allows users to create high-quality videos with minimal equipment and effort. By using the Chrome extension and a webcam, users can record and edit videos featuring their webcam, screen, or a split-screen view. 

This helps streamline the video creation process, allowing marketing teams to quickly build a library of engaging, informative content by combining talking-head recordings with screencasts and presentation elements. What’s more, users can then easily share their videos with their audience or create a gallery on their website using Wistia Channels to drive traffic.

Magisto is dedicated to simplifying the process of creating personalized videos that not only narrate stories but also evoke an emotional response from the audience. To achieve this, it utilizes its patent-pending artificial intelligence technology, Emotion Sense. This technology allows users to collaborate with AI to ensure that their videos effectively convey the desired emotions. 

Upon uploading videos and photographs to Magisto, the platform’s AI engines initiate an analysis of the footage on three levels: visual analysis, audio analysis, and storytelling. This analysis helps to ensure that the resulting video effectively conveys the desired message and emotion.

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