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The Hype is Real. SONU Sleep’s Innovative Mattress Design for Side Sleepers Amasses Rave Reviews

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The Hype is Real. SONU Sleep’s Innovative Mattress Design for Side Sleepers Amasses Rave Reviews

January 02
20:18 2023
SONU Sleep has created the world’s first side sleeper mattress.

The SONU Sleep System, the first-ever mattress designed for side sleepers, continues to make a buzz in the sleep industry with its revolutionary patented design and superior comfort. From professional athletes to fitness experts, sports legends, health professionals, and everyday individuals, more and more people are experiencing a better quality of rest with their SONU mattresses. Users claim to wake up feeling energized with their aches and pains gone, enabling them to perform better at work, school, or wherever their day leads them.

“The SONU mattress allows for dramatic improvement in ergonomic support, resulting in better sleeping patterns and an increase in the patient’s comfort and overall well-being,” says Dr. James Hogan, a Chiropractic Physician based in Los Angeles, California.

While traditional mattresses are flat and tend to be uncomfortable due to the excessive pressure placed on the arms, hips, and lower back, SONU Sleep highlights a Comfort Channel and a Sink-in Support system that molds to any sleeping position. Side sleepers can comfortably immerse their arms and shoulders into the bed without worrying about getting them squashed or over-extended while they sleep. This eliminates the need for constant shifting, allowing users to sleep longer and deeper throughout the night.

Individuals struggling with joint and muscle pain, chronic discomfort, and other injuries in the body can significantly benefit from SONU’s groundbreaking and immersive support systems.

Beyond these, the product also features two layers of Support Pillows specifically engineered for an ideal head resting height and consistent vertical support. The mattress includes four Support Pillows and a custom set of white sheets.

According to Stason Strong and Brad Hall, the creative minds behind SONU Sleep, there’s been very little innovation in mattresses over the decades. All other mattresses have remained flat without conforming to the body’s natural curves and without considering the various sleeping positions of individuals. By creating SONU Sleep, the team has opened an entirely new sleeping experience that blends pressure relief, satisfaction, comfort, and bliss into one.

SONU Sleep is proudly built in the U.S.A. using high-quality, durable materials and expert craftsmanship. The foam is flexible, 14 inches deep, and certified by CertiPUR-US® to be environmentally friendly. The product comes with SONU Sheets and a free-shipping promo for all orders within the continental US.

Interested individuals can also try SONU Sleep risk-free at home for 100 nights. The product is available in five sizes – Twin XL, Queen, King, Cali King and Split King. Find more information here: http://www.sonusleep.com/.

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