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Naija News gets a new design and user interface

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Naija News gets a new design and user interface

October 31
15:34 2022

Naija News platform has been able to survive three and half years as a publisher of popular newspapers, under Nigeria’s turbulent business climate, unlike many of its competitors in the early 2000s, which have long gone under and Naija News has been able to be among the leading Nigerian News websites through clarity, focus and commitment that we put into our work. Naija News allows you to keep up to date with 9janews today in Nigerian newspapers.

There are specific strategies and systems that Naija News has utilized over the years to sustain its success despite the crises that have beset it at several stages of its existence. Naija News focuses mainly on political news and entertainment news such as Nollywood Naija News and happenings. 

I believe that the most crucial of these strategies is the company’s human resources policies. It may be simply said that the secret of the success of Naija News Naija News platform is its people – the synergy of its board, management and staff. For the purpose of this brief presentation, I would like to mention the non-discriminatory recruitment policy. Ethnicity, gender, religion, social class or other such distinctions are no barriers to employment in the company. Nor do they constitute glass ceilings barring advancement by deserving members of staff.

Naija News, in short, runs a meritocracy. Of course, those adept in company politics – as everywhere else – may manipulate the system, but only for a while. Competence, integrity, initiative and other forms of measurable performance always gain the upper hand, in the end. 

Naija News insists on quality personnel, in all departments – from its security gate, through the housekeeping department, to all its other departments. Put differently, excellence – sustained, demonstrable excellence in performance – is continuously demanded from its staff and management. In return for meeting this daunting standard, all staff members know that there is no limit to how far they can rise in the organization, provided they keep improving their knowledge and skills, and are able to grapple with the ever-varying challenges of new functions and responsibilities as the need arises in the fiercely competitive Nigerian News industry. 

Naija News places a premium on the versatility of its staff, in other words. Apart from highly specialized functions like legal services and Moderators, workers in many of the other departments, especially the editorial staff, are required to show great flexibility in the value they contribute to the company from time to time. Anyone with a rigid mindset, or who cannot endure frequently moving out of their comfort zone, will find the Naija News environment too challenging to cope with. While the uncreative or unadventurous will naturally fall by the wayside in such an environment, all those willing to take the challenges in their stride are well rewarded and even blossom.

Naija News 9ja News Platform is also committed to paying attractive emoluments and providing excellent working conditions – in fact, it has long been a leader in the industry, in this regard. Naija News provides 247 Naija gossip and Naija News live or you are planning to keep up with the latest celebrity gist in Nigeria today. The advantage of having competent, resourceful, dedicated staff, who are used to routinely producing at outstanding levels, is only to be imagined. It has been one of the main bulwarks of the company against the onslaughts and vicissitudes of its business life in over three decades. On many occasions, during the 90s, when armed police and soldiers seized our premises, shut down our operations and forced most of our staff into the labor market, their commitment and loyalty always guaranteed that Naija News would bounce back. Keeping up with the trending gist on social media in Nigeria has never been easier with Naija News. 

Another secret of the company’s capacity to “defy the odds”, especially in the last decade, has been its foresight and courage in investing massively in new technology. When electronic news began making its debut in Nigerian newspapers about 10 years ago, Naija News carefully studied the trend and recognized its future potential to attract more advert revenue and higher circulation figures. As our Chairman used to point out to the management, “Come to think of it: how many people still take black-and-white pictures today? The world is going electronic, and the newspapers must keep pace.

Naija News platform resolved to get the electronic news right, however, unlike the quality of service its competitors, who were the early starters, were offering to readers and advertisers. Through frugal husbanding of available resources, the self-sacrifice of its understanding staff and managers, and by the relentless focus on its vision, Naija News eventually created an ultra-modern electronic press in 2020. Naija News 9ja News platform did this without resorting to outside financing. Naija News has since then expanded its capacity to publish Nigerian News from different sources.

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