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NSAXTV media platform leads the new trend of global film and television marketing

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NSAXTV media platform leads the new trend of global film and television marketing

October 25
11:40 2022

The technology of the Internet is changing day by day and continues to penetrate people’s lives. Web 3.0 will be the form of Internet that will revolutionise people’s lives. Web3.0 makes all online citizens no longer limited by the accumulation of existing resources, and have more equal opportunities to obtain wealth and reputation. In the era of Web 3.0, netizens are given greater voice and freedom, and the power of their word-of-mouth comments on a work of art can influence thousands of people and cannot be underestimated. In the era of Web3.0, the traditional online marketing methods of film and television companies will become backward, and various centralized marketing methods such as evaluation, navy and opinion leaders will gradually be eliminated, and the emerging user-oriented decentralized marketing methods will rise.

In the tide of film and television marketing innovation, NSAXTV Media Film Co., Ltd. has risen. The company is the most powerful and growing integrated entertainment group in North America, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. In August 2008, it was led and controlled by the American film company Twentieth Century Pictures, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Netflix participated in the establishment. With a registered capital of 100 million US dollars, the company is based in North America and radiates around the world. It is committed to using efficient production, distribution and marketing channels to provide a full range of film and television online distribution and dissemination services for major film companies.

In the face of market demand, NSAXTV media has invested heavily in the development of the NSAXTV media Box Office Assistance App, a marketing service platform specifically for film and television production companies. There are a large number of ordinary users on the platform, they will buy movie tickets, improve the reputation of the film and television, and then affect the number of films and the box office of the movie in major theaters. The film and television production company will pay a corresponding marketing commission for these users, so that all participating users will also become a part of the benefit distribution, completely innovating the film and television marketing model.

In the tide of industry change, NSAXTV media insists on compliant operation. Because the team believes that the future of this industry can only be achieved by adhering to global security and compliance operations. NSAXTV media complies with anti-money laundering rules and regulatory requirements in the countries where it operates, and in October 2022, it successfully obtained a US financial msb licence, laying a solid foundation for globalization.

NSAXTV media is currently present in the US, Canada (North America), Brazil, Argentina (South America), Ukraine, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, UK (Europe), Australia, New Zealand (Oceania), South Korea, Indonesia, India (Asia), Egypt, South Africa (Africa) and many other countries, with plans to explore more countries for film and television.

From the current situation of NSAXTV media, millions of members have already joined the platform, and major film and television companies, including Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures Corporation, Warner Bros. Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Lightstorm Entertainment, 20th Century Studios, Walt Disney Studios and other global well-known film and entertainment giants have achieved partnership with NSAXTV media. Lightstorm Entertainment, 20th Century Studios and Walt Disney Studios have all partnered with NSAXTV media, and the platform’s business volume is growing, demonstrating that this win-win model is in line with market demand.

Relying on this innovative model, NSAXTV media has led the new trend of global film and television marketing. At present, the company’s film and television marketing business is in a leading position in the market. The company gives back most of the proceeds from its cooperation to all users, achieving a business mindset of perpetual service, while at the same time, with a high-quality user base, steadily constraining the balance of interests in the industry and achieving the corporate responsibility expected of an international company.

In the future company planning,  NSAXTV will further expand the business map to cover more countries and industries. By 2025, the company’s footprint is expected to cover 50 countries worldwide, with over 5 million member users. However, no matter what scale the company expands to, it will never forget its original intention, adhere to the corporate culture concept of providing channels for helping users earn money and supplementing services, and continue to contribute more international corporate responsibilities in the future Web3.0 era.

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