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How Frank Donato’s Years of Experience as a Client Helps Him Create a Comprehensive Client Experience With BlueChip Pros

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How Frank Donato’s Years of Experience as a Client Helps Him Create a Comprehensive Client Experience With BlueChip Pros

October 24
10:36 2022
From longtime facility management customer to Senior Vice President of BlueChip Pros, Frank Donato brings with him his 15-year experience of client perspective.

When facility managers are searching for service providers that can meet their requirements, price is not the only factor they are searching with; a services company that can accommodate for an array of unique wants and needs will also save on administrative time. What’s even better is if one can find a provider that meets not only the cost and comprehensive services, but also has a management team with years of experience doing exactly what their clients do.

When searching for a provider, experience is a necessity no matter the industry. Expertise in not only their own field, but also in the role of the customer gives one exceptional competence for the job. Frank Donato, Senior Vice President of BlueChip Pros, brings his 15 years of experience as a facility manager with Macy’s.

BlueChip Pros is a facility management, commercial cleaning, and security services company that prides itself in constantly raising standards and has successfully serviced over 100 million square feet of retail space since its inception in 1983. When interviewed about BlueChip Pros and his role within the company, Frank told us that:

“We provide a range of services that complement each other. This includes cleaning and janitorial work, facility management, security services, and Covid-19 solutions. Not only do our customers save money by bundling these services, they also save time by not having to communicate with multiple providers and juggle their scheduling, paperwork, and any potential inconsistencies that usually happen when things are more complicated than they need to be.”

Frank’s fifteen year span as a facility manager with Macy’s has armed him with the empathy needed to anticipate and even avoid client pain-points altogether in most cases. Frank expands:

“My experience in the same role as my customers helps me improve their experience and productivity in multiple ways. Not only do I know where and how to save them money by catering to their unique needs, I can also save them administrative time because I understand how they need to do their jobs and have asked all of the same questions when I worked as a facility manager.. We provide a solid blanket of services that complement each other and are all necessities for our clients. The more we can do for them with building maintenance and security, the more time they have to focus on their own projects. We cover the day-to-day while our client grows their business.”

When asked what he’s actively doing to better meet client’s needs, Frank’s response was to the point.

“We are committed to raising the standards of our services without raising the costs. Our care and commitment pushes us to go the extra mile where rivals often won’t.

Frank’s first-hand knowledge of the challenges a facility manager faces makes him an ideal showrunner for clients that desire a comprehensive contract for handling the day to day maintenance and security of their buildings. Working with a team that understands both sides of the business as intimately saves money, allows more time to be allocated to other matters, and ultimately improves the quality and consistency of those services. These tools are essential for a business to keep itself clean, safe, and happy so they can continue to be productive and focus on what’s most important to them.

About BlueChip Pros

BlueChip Pros is an Ohio-based facility management, commercial cleaning, and security services provider across the US. It is committed to raising standards instead of costs to help businesses maintain the integrity of its building and facilities. For more information on BlueChip Pros, visit https://bluechip-pros.com/.

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