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One of the more inspirational content creators in Indonesia: Fajar Marta

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One of the more inspirational content creators in Indonesia: Fajar Marta

October 22
11:37 2022

Fajar Marta is a photographer and video maker from Bogor, Indonesia, who started his career as a self-taught amateur. And since digital media exist, he always uploads all the photos and videos he creates. You can find his work on Instagram @vfskimedia, and meet one of the more interesting and inspirational content creators in Indonesia.


He won several awards in various countries (Arab countries, Italy, and France), one of them in the “International Open Media Digital Creator Award”, so he is well known in the field of photography and video making in foreign countries.

And here are some awards he won, such as best content photo, and best content video from the 2022 “Inspirational Digital Media Awards” event.


He is much more than a simple creator: he is nowadays busy opening classes for photographers and video makers who are right from scratch or not confident in their photos and videos, so that they can acquire skills and improve every day, and finally be successful just like him. The goal is not only create good photos or videos, but also teach them how to make their Social Media look attractive and inspirational.

In fact, Fajar Marta also published the book “How to make social media attractive”, which was sold out quickly.


Would you like to receive an advise from him? If you feel that you don’t have tools enough to create digital content, Fajar Marta always says: “For young people who feel embarrassed pouring ideas and creativity on Social Media, remember that the more valorable content are not expensive tools or pro tools, but your ideas and creativity!”

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Contact Person: Fajar Marta
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Country: Indonesia
Website: https://www.instagram.com/vfskimedia/