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Here’s How Damp Carpets Pose Health Risks, According to Industry Leader Flood Services Gold Coast

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Here’s How Damp Carpets Pose Health Risks, According to Industry Leader Flood Services Gold Coast

September 19
10:40 2022
Burst pipes can cause flood and water damage. The moisture left from water damage could be trapped in various physical features and could lead to catalyse mould growth. This can be toxic and even dangerous because it could become the source of any emerging diseases.

Burst Flexi hoses and other internal sources lead to water damage. According to Flood Services Gold Coast, wet carpets become a breeding ground for mould, which produce toxins that can cause allergies, infections, and other health issues. 

“A wet, damp, or moist carpet may be putting lives and families in danger. It’s an excellent environment for dangerous moulds to grow, and even if it dries, there can still be dangers. Mould grows in a moist, wet environment when the temperature is perfectly right. This mould does not dissipate when an area dries. As a matter of fact, it can become airborne and live in the air in homes and workplaces,” a representative explained. 

Among the symptoms include headaches, skin & eye irritation, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, fatigue, infections that lead to a weakened immune system, and deterioration of mental health. 

People at higher risk of these health problems are infants and children, the elderly, those with weakened immune systems, and individuals with lung disease.

“It is important that this matter is dealt with swiftly and effectively to prevent the spread of any diseases or further damage to your property. Homeowners and businesses can turn to a proven firm to eliminate any form of mould on your property and even take extra measures to prevent any mould growth. That’s where we come in,” the representative said.

Flood Services Gold Coast provide efficient and quality rain, storm & flood restoration services. It offers the following services: Water Extraction, Dry Wet Carpet, Water Damage Restoration, Carpet and Underlay Drying, Structural Drying, Drying of Sub-Floor, Wood, and Hard Flooring, Mould Remediation, Water Extraction, Drying Equipment Hire, Sewage Clean-up, Air Purification, Odour Control and Treatment, and Storm & Flood Restoration. 

When there is water damage, individuals and homeowners may call Flood Services immediately and stop the water leak if possible. They can take photographs of the water damage, move electrical items to a dry location, keep away from the wet areas, and keep important papers and documents in a safe place. 

Flood Services Sunshine Coast specialises in drying carpets, drying wood floors, structural drying of walls, mould remediation and sewage cleanup. It is an industry leader in flood restoration Sunshine Coast. The team knows that unexpected water at homes or workplaces can be stressful. That’s why its local Flood Services Sunshine Coast team can be onsite within the hour and have the property back to pre-flood condition in no time.

The Flood Services Gold Coast team is available 24 hours, seven days a week, anytime, anywhere. Those who want to reach out to the team may call right away, book online, and visit https://www.floodservicesgoldcoast.com.au/

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