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Promising Author Carolyn Roth-White Launches Her Book ‘Krystal Winkle And The Peacemaker Of Kigali’

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Promising Author Carolyn Roth-White Launches Her Book ‘Krystal Winkle And The Peacemaker Of Kigali’

September 17
06:30 2022
Promising Author Carolyn Roth-White Launches Her Book ‘Krystal Winkle And The Peacemaker Of Kigali’
Fast Rising author Carolyn Roth-White is excited to announce the launch of her book ‘Krystal Winkle and the Peacemaker of Kigali’. The former dentist puts together an intriguing 308-page novel for middle school readers. The fantasy-adventure series, starring 10-year-old Krystal Winkle, is inspired by her love of world travel, animals, mystery, and happy endings.

Krystal Winkle and the Peacemaker of Kigali is the first book in a series of Krystal Winkle fantasy-action adventures. The main character Krystal Winkle is a 10-year-old American girl who appears to be an ordinary girl but later discovers that she is far from it. She confronts danger and places her life at risk to fight injustice, all the while continuing to unravel the mystery of who she really is, how to control her hidden power, and what her destiny will require of her.

The fantasy-action adventure Krystal Winkle and the Peacemaker of Kigali takes place in the lush African jungles, where the town’s beloved majestic Silverback Mountain Gorilla seeps into her heart and soul. It’s filled with humor, imaginative characters, has a quick-moving plot, and is pure escapism. It also features a message on animal conservation.

The 308-page whimsical journey takes the reader from America to Africa during the pre-internet era when letters were handwritten. Krystal’s top-secret journal has a key and an enchanted quill that delivers messages and tasks for her.

The novel is action-packed as action is endless in Krystal’s world. Whether she is racing through a snake-filled jungle, encountering a soul-stealing witch, or a helpful ancient Maasai Warrior, she’s tirelessly up for the adventure. When Krystal suspects the Peacemaker of Kigali is in danger, she knows she must protect him and his troop, no matter what. Armed with her vast secret power, a magical compass, and an African Grey McCaw, Krystal always aims to do what is right.

This highly anticipated book aims to be one of the best fantasy-adventure novels for kids ages 9-13 who love magic, animals, and a lot of secrets. “Pack your suitcase, travel the world, and do good with Krystal Winkle,” Carolyn advises. She urges all to journey around the world with 10-year-old Krystal Winkle as she solves crimes, encounters enchanted creatures, and faces danger while unraveling the mystery of who she is.

About Author Carolyn Roth-white

After practicing dentistry for 30 years, Carolyn retired and began her fantasy adventure series for middle school readers, ages 9-13, featuring Krystal Winkle, a ten-year-old girl with a secret hidden power. Having had a father who always encouraged her to reach for the stars, Carolyn is writing novels that entertain, enlighten, and empower young girls and boys to achieve their goals.

Each whimsical novel contains humor, surprises, mystery, and a child who inspires character-building traits. Carolyn draws inspiration for each story from her global travel experiences. Her goal is to transport her readers around the world entertainingly and educationally. Each adventure takes place in a different country and features a different animal on the conservation list, with a happy ending in every case.

Visit www.KrystalWinkle.com for more information.

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