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Boyue (Shenzhen) Core Power Technology Co., Ltd, launches its XINYUN Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Indiegogo

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Boyue (Shenzhen) Core Power Technology Co., Ltd, launches its XINYUN Portable Oxygen Concentrator on Indiegogo

September 16
22:15 2022

Boyue (Shenzhen) Core Power Technology Co., Ltd, a medical and health innovation high-tech enterprise, is introducing the XINYUN Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

Oxygen plays a critical role in respiration, the energy-producing chemistry that drives the metabolisms of humans. All eight of the body’s major systems are susceptible to injury from a lack of oxygen, which is where the XINYUN Portable Oxygen Concentrator comes into play.

The Concentrator is perfect for Patients with lung diseases, pregnant women in late pregnancy, middle-aged and elderly people, and long-sitting office workers, all of whom need Oxygen inhalation to effectively increase the oxygen content of their blood, improve the oxygen supply to all tissues of their bodies, avoid respiratory acidosis, improve hypoxemia and cardiopulmonary function and enhance immunity.

Boyue is on a mission to introduce its inventions on the largest possible scale to improve the standards of life and develop technology, which is the foundation of present-day civilization. Boyue’s XINYUN Portable Continuous Concentrator is a technological masterpiece that can be widely used in medical oxygen delivery, diving oxygen supply and plateau oxygen supply.

The XINYUN Portable Continuous Concentrator is the first portable continuous oxygen concentrator independently developed by Nebula Health. It adopts complex processes of adsorption, desorption and backflushing. High-efficiency application of PSA oxygen production technology can produce high-concentration oxygen of up to 93% ± 3% in the plain area and can achieve an oxygen output of 50%-60% concentration of more than 1L/min in the plateau, underground and other oxygen-sparse areas.

XINYUN Portable Continuous Concentrator’s 3kg size means it’s easy to carry, providing fresh oxygen anywhere, and anytime. Other features include:

 • Removable, durable battery

 • High-definition large screen real-time display

 • Timer shutdown free adjustment

 • Shutdown when sleeping

 • Simple operation, one key to turn on, double click out of oxygen.

About the company.

Boyue (Shenzhen) Core Power Technology Co., Ltd. is a medical and health innovation high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, production, sales and service with the core of “creating a digital healthy life for all”. Relying on the high-tech and continuous innovation accumulated by the company’s research centre for ten years, and condensing the wisdom crystallization of experts in various fields such as medical engineering for many years, the successful application of intelligent medical and health management systems is realized, and digital health management solutions are provided for the whole people.

To get an in-depth look at the XINYUN Portable Oxygen Concentrator, checkout the company’s page on Indiegogo.

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