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Bound Tighter By Every Space – An NFT Collection that, surprisingly, speaks for itself

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Bound Tighter By Every Space – An NFT Collection that, surprisingly, speaks for itself

September 16
22:07 2022

In simple terms, it is a What You See is What You Get collection (As long as you know how to read). First one of its kind? Take a look!

One big difference between this and other collections is YOUR, already built in, ability, to test and evaluate each item’s quality.

Why consider buying Bound Tighter By Every Space NFTs? That will be answered throughout the rest of this article.

Ability To Assess For Yourself

If you’re familiar with what’s going on in some of the most interesting, influential and entertaining parts of the world (See below), you’ll be able to assess for yourself how well each item captures and expresses them.

Bind that with the level of interest you have in any of the items’ subjects and the importance you currently attribute to the issues inside them, and you’ll be able to set your own value to those NFTs.

But not just that. Since the creators’ challenge is an ongoing one, you’ll always be able to develop and use the same kind of judgment in order to guess and later value that next, forthcoming, NFT item.

The Entangled Pair

But what’s the collection about? Well, as it turns out, it’s about Twitter and Elon Musk.

Those two have extreme and weird influence on our world, but also have very complex and entangled relationships with each other.

That’s not all of course. Elon is supposed to buy Twitter, but, at least on the surface, tries to get out of that deal, and in the midst of all that, uses the platform to tweet against ‘Twitter’.

But does he tweet against Twitter or against the people who controls it? Those who would benefit most if and when the original Twitter deal will become a done deal.

Add that to the mix: Twitter is a company, you don’t have to view it via the interests of the individuals who controls it at the current time. For instance, you can view it as what you think it mostly represents in the public eye.

You can view it as something mischievous – take a look at what’s going on there, and how fast and nimble it is.

Take a look at how Elon uses it to fight and undermine the ‘Twitter deal’. Watch Elon himself: He has many other things going on, and he uses Twitter to express them: He tweets about them too!

Using those perspectives, maybe Twitter doesn’t even want the deal to go through. Or maybe it wants Elon to get it with a discount…

So where does the collection stands on viewing what Twitter wants and it’s relationship with Elon? Well, for that one you actually won’t need your reading skills 🙂 The visuals should make it clear enough.

And that is what actually allows to express and capture a lot of interesting, humorous, influential and entertaining prospects.

The Usual (Suspects) NFT Route

Now, you might prefer a collection of the kind that mint 5000 quite similar looking items, together, where the difference between two items was mainly created by a simple script (Usually a Photoshop script), and where it’s obvious that the real items’ value, if exist, is mainly extrinsic, not intrinsic. Those projects needs to build a big community as a backbone and when YOU see them (unless you’re part of that community), you’re usually quite late to the party.

However, even if you still are a bit curios about what’s going on, the investigation and evaluation of such a collection is very tedious and hardly any fun. You’ll need to find all those extrinsic factors that gives that collection its value, then asses each one and how long will it last, then go back to the collection and assume you know why one item means/worth more than another. But hey, Sherlock, if that’s your thing…

Of course, there is also some great NFT art out there, by real artists that spends time and dedication producing each item. However, such art is almost always meant to strictly engage our visual sense. Similar to paintings in the real world.

Here items engages much more than just the visuals.

They engage you’re understanding of the world, an ability you can not only judge, asses and value with, but also improve.

E.g., the item with the thing Elon told the court (“…what I already said about bot accounts…”). This item might be more valuable after the beginning of the trial, in October.

And since most of the items’ content revolves around possibilities and prospects, their value could easily appreciate in the future. In that sense, you can also evaluate them as collectibles, where you are the collector. That’s what collectors do, and how they decide whether to buy something.


Oh yeah, in case you wondered, humor is included too. The creators’ experience so far showed them that “without a ‘condensed’ one [humor], the ability to capture and express the things we intend too, is heavily reduced.

So please, judge that just as well. For each and every item.”

Reality And History

The creators add that “Our goal is to mint about one NFT per week, to a total of at least 50. Things obviously have some dependence on realty: The mischievousness of Elon and Twitter, the battles, tricks, shenanigans, prospective intentions… In short, on Elon tweets and the real world chains of reactions to them.”

Thus, who knows, you might be able to grab a piece of a tentatively created history!

One Last Thing

This press release is the first real advertisement of the collection. “There was no and won’t be any airdrop, presale, whitelisting or any of such things.”

If you read this sometime around the publication date, then you’re among the first to know about it. You’re actually at a big advantage, not the other way around.

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