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Doggie Dailies Makes Cleaning Dog’s Ears Easier Than Ever

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Doggie Dailies Makes Cleaning Dog’s Ears Easier Than Ever

September 16
22:09 2022

For decades, dog owners have struggled with cleaning their dog’s ears without causing pain in the process. Doggie Dailies Cleansing Ear Wash for Dogs with Tea Tree Oil and Soothing Aloe Vera makes the once arduous task of cleaning dog’s ears hassle free. Learn why cleaning a dog’s ears properly makes all the difference in the grooming process. 

While those floppy ears are undeniably adorable, they tend to collect moisture and make it easier for dirt and wax to become trapped. Smelly ears, frequent head shaking, and persistent itching are all signs that it’s time to clean a dog’s ears. Keeping a dog’s ears dry and clean can help avoid potential issues. Unfortunately, many dog owners overlook proper ear cleaning because the experience has been challenging in the past.

Each bottle of Doggie Dailies Soothing Ear Cleaner comes with an easy-to-use applicator tip. It makes administering the ear drops and clearing a dog’s ears a breeze. The soothing solution helps to flush out debris, soothe irritation and dry out excess moisture in the ear canal. 

Simply add the solution to the ear canal and gently massage for 30 seconds. Wipe the outer ear with a cotton swab to absorb excess solution. After the massage, the dog’s natural reaction to shake its head will release loose debris and wax naturally. 

If the ear and towel continue to appear dirty, simply add more ear washing solution, massage and wipe once more. Wait several days before the next cleaning. This will allow the cleaner to work and soften the wax. It also allows the dog time to shake and release loose debris naturally. 

If irritation persists after several cleanings, it is always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian. 

There are several things that should be avoided when cleaning a dog’s ears. Never use Q-tips. Just like with a human ear, using a Q-Tip to clean a dog’s ears can actually pack down the ear wax and debris into the ear canal instead of pulling it out. Additionally, if the dog moves their head while cleaning with a Q-tip, the dog’s eardrum could be damaged if it is inserted too far in the ear canal. 

Don’t use a dog ear cleaner that is alcohol based or hydrogen peroxide-based. These liquids can be harsh on the ears and cause more irritation. Additional irritation can lead to excessive itching and even self-inflicted wounds.  

For more tips on caring for dogs, visit doggiedailies.com.

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