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Mentored Media Works to Correct the Biggest Mistake Businesses Make with Their Marketing

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Mentored Media Works to Correct the Biggest Mistake Businesses Make with Their Marketing

September 16
21:00 2022
Mentored Media Founder Matt Purcell has made it his mission to share the number one thing businesses forget with their marketing. Using Purcell’s three-word formula, Mentored Media helps companies to build their unique brand and grow their business.

Matt Purcell, the founder of Mentored Media, believes that marketing that gets the greatest return on investment involves building a clear brand that connects with its ideal audience. Purcell said the critical thing many businesses forget when making a marketing plan is the importance of developing a key message and defining a business’s “soul and values.”

“Too often as entrepreneurs, we can fall into the trap of trying to attract everyone at the expense of creating a strong, well-defined brand,” Purcell said. “From my experience, there is a huge price to pay if you attract the wrong type of customer.”

Using a wide-scope marketing strategy rather than focusing on the target audience can result in a loss of time, money, and motivation for the business. Purcell said 80 percent of customer service issues for most companies are due to 20 percent of the customers. If a business expends its efforts trying to appease customers outside the target audience, then it isn’t devoting that time to active, engaged consumers. 

“The biggest damage bad customers can do to our businesses, in my opinion, is to your spirit and motivation. They can drain you of the joy and passion of running your business,” Purcell said. “Not all business is good business.”

Purcell often shares his marketing wisdom on Instagram, where he focuses on his three-word method for clear marketing messaging. His formula helps clients determine whom they want to serve, making it easier for them to find the “Goldilocks” customers—the ones just right for their business.  

Matt Purcell’s Three-Word Formula

–  The:
What product or service does the business provide?

–  For:
What groups are most likely to become customers?

–  Who:
What can the business help the customer achieve?

Purcell advises clients to use the three-word formula to find their niche in the market and focus their attention on their specific target audience. For example, he says his method is ideal for “THE accountant FOR families WHO want to buy a second home.”

The. For. Who. 

Mentored Media Founder Matt Purcell explains his three-word formula in this YouTube Short. 

Branding done right

Mentored Media focuses on what makes a business stand out from others in the industry offering similar products or services. While the visual elements can be copied, the mind, experience, and vision cannot be replicated. Purcell says that’s what “separates the good from the greats.”

“To market anything—a product, a person, a biz —you first need to define your brand. Once you define your brand, you’ll be able to create a foundation for all your marketing efforts and strategies,” Purcell said. “Don’t copy someone else’s personality. Create your own personality. The thing about copycats is that they’ll always be a couple steps behind.”

Purcell asks clients, “why should I listen and buy from you and not your competition?” Often, the answer is surprising and forces businesses to focus on what makes their brand unique. A business’s brand should be the measuring stick against which all marketing decisions are measured to determine if something is “on brand” or “off-brand.” 

“Define it first. People are drawn to clarity and away from confusion,” Purcell said. “Give people something easy to remember that explains what you do, who it’s for, and what problem it fixes.”

Mentored Media helps its clients ensure the messaging on all advertisements, social media accounts, and websites is consistent and on brand. Purcell tells clients to invest in the things that can’t be easily copied. 

Contact Mentored Media on social media at Instagram, Facebook, or by using the contact form on the website. 


Matt Purcell and the Mentored Media team are an award-winning agency and remain dedicated to helping clients build and grow their brand that positions companies to be the best in their industry. Visit the Mentored Media website to learn more about Purcell’s team.

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