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Richard Brown – One Of Jamaica’s Unnoticed Talent And Rising Star All Set To Make Waves In The Filmmaking Industry

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Richard Brown – One Of Jamaica’s Unnoticed Talent And Rising Star All Set To Make Waves In The Filmmaking Industry

September 15
19:07 2022

A bona fide Jamaican, Richard Brown is a multi-talented film-maker who proves himself as a rising star in the film industry with worth-watching creations.

Richard Brown, one of Jamaica’s rising stars, is a hardworking and promising film-maker who looks at the world from multiple angles. He is authentic in his skin and does not portray himself as a big cheese but as a man with real-life stories to tell. Through his YouTube channel, “Richard Brown Films“, he brings an excellent raw truth to his movies that give insight into the rugged culture of Jamaica.

Throughout his twenty-year career as an aspiring talented film director/producer, he has faced numerous challenges yet remains determined and focused. With the power of natural lighting, re-created settings, and young actors, Richard Brown creates four movies per month that have been praised by critics and the Jamaican public for their honesty and authenticity.

When asked about his journey as a film-maker, Mr Richard said, “I always wanted to make a difference in my creative field but was not sure how to do so, until one-day inspiration hit me and created my YouTube channel. My goal is to tell unique stories that entertain and relate to audiences worldwide based on real-life situations which may have been brushed under the carpet or never caught on film by the mainstream media.”

Mathias Brown and Diana Muri Campbell were the dedicated people who trained Richard Brown in video production while Ackeen Lawrence who made movies with Glenroy Dodd made Richard aware of putting his videos on YouTube to show world his uncovered talent. With a great original style and new perspective filmed around Jamaica, Richard brings a unique authenticity to Jamaican movies by telling authentic stories everyone can relate to and understand. He is one of the few Jamaicans who seek to understand his country through his craft and hopes to see his work in international cinemas.

Support Jamaica’s next rising film-maker and his vision of actual Jamaican films by contributing to Richard Brown Films Fund Raising Campaign so he can continue making unique and captivating films. The fund will buy new equipment, pay his actors more, and grow his business by making more films. So head to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLTjFwUaCEY to let his talent and work grow with the right equipment. 

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