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How to verify the quality of the particle board dining table

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How to verify the quality of the particle board dining table

June 25
15:40 2021


To verify the quality of the particleboard dining table, there are the following points:


1. From the appearance point of view, look at the large size and shape of the sawdust particles in the center of the cross-section. The length is generally 5-10MM. The length is too long and the structure is loose, too short and the deformation resistance is poor. The so-called static bending strength does not meet the standard;

2. The moisture resistance of wood-based panels depends on its density and moisture-proof agent. Soaking in water does not have a good moisture-proof property. Moisture-proof refers to moisture-proof, not waterproof, so it must be distinguished in future use. Northern areas, including The moisture content of North China, Northwest, and Northeast panels should generally be controlled at 6-8%; the southern region, including coastal areas, should be controlled between 8-10%, otherwise, the panels will easily deform due to moisture absorption.


1. From the perspective of surface flatness and smoothness, it is generally passed through about 200# sandpaper before leaving the factory. Generally, it is better to be fine up and down, but in some cases, such as sticking to fireproof boards, it is too thin and not easy to hang glue.

There are different kinds of tabletop for the dining table, MDF, particleboard, solid wood, melamine, tempered glass etc. The dining table made by particleboard has the following advantages:

A. It has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance; particleboard heat insulation and sound absorption;

B. The inside is a granular cross-scattered structure, the performance of each direction is basically the same, and the lateral bearing capacity is good;

C. The particleboard has a flat surface, realistic texture, uniform bulk density, small thickness error, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance, and can be used for various veneers;

D. In the production process of particleboard, the amount of glue used is small, and the environmental protection coefficient is relatively high.

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