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CODF PAN Xinchun: Preparing for the Ocean Century

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CODF PAN Xinchun: Preparing for the Ocean Century

April 14
12:42 2021
CODF PAN Xinchun: Preparing for the Ocean Century

Mr. PAN joined a panel discussion at the Strategic Forum of CMEE 2020 in Shenzhen

In today’s world, the marine economy has become an important part of the economy of coastal countries and an important carrier for expanding the space for economic and social development. Mankind has entered the era of marine economy. The world’s most socially, economically, and culturally developed areas are concentrated in areas within 60 kilometers of the coastline, where half of the world’s population gathers, and more than 70% of the world’s total trade value is realized by shipping. As a global maritime power, China is even more dependent on the maritime economy. The blue economy represented by the marine industry is becoming a new engine driving China’s growth.

On the other hand, China’s marine industry is still dominated by traditional industries, and high-tech emerging industries are developing but have not yet become pillar industries. In addition, with the acceleration of economic activities, issues such as marine ecology and environmental protection have become increasingly prominent, and handling the relationship between development and protection has become an urgent issue that needs to be resolved.


According to Mr. Pan Xinchun, vice chairman and secretary-general of The China Oceanic Development Foundation, the connotation of the so-called true maritime power should include understanding the ocean, using the ocean, ecological ocean, managing the ocean, and harmonious ocean. Under the premise of understanding the ocean and relying on marine high-tech means and not disrupting the marine ecological balance, fully exploit and utilize marine resources, develop the marine economy, benefit the lives of the people, and realize the harmonious coexistence of man and the ocean and sustainable economic and social development.

Pan Xinchun previously served as the former Director of the Marine Area Integrated Management Department of the State Oceanic Administration, Director of the Sea Area Boundary Office, and Deputy Director of the Sea Area Review Committee. In 2015, he organized the founding of the China Oceanic Development Foundation and concurrently served as the Secretary-General. He is currently the Deputy Chairman and Secretary long. The China Ocean Development Foundation is committed to funding the “Belt and Road” construction, building a blue partnership, participating in global ocean governance, ocean international academic exchanges, ocean environmental protection and ecological construction, ocean technology popularization, ocean technology innovation, and ocean space planning system construction Such projects actively promote the international community to pay attention to the ocean, protect the ocean, and manage the ocean, form the concept of a community of marine destiny, and promote the sustainable development of human society and economy.

In Pan Xinchun’s view, China has entered a new stage of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern that takes the domestic cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other, so as to promote high-quality development and build the Chinese market. Become the world’s market, shared market, and everyone’s market. China’s marine economy will continue to develop as an integral part of the national economy.

First of all, China’s marine economy has a good foundation. One is the rapid development of the marine economy and the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure. The second is the optimization of the layout of the marine economy and the continuous expansion of international cooperation. Third, the independent innovation capability of marine science and technology has continued to increase, and the level of industrialization has improved significantly. Fourth, the top-level design of ocean development is gradually deepening, and the policy system is becoming more.

At the same time, China’s marine economy is also facing challenges.

First, the overall level of marine development and utilization is not high. The marine economy is mainly based on traditional industries, while emerging industries do not account for a high proportion, and the understanding and development capabilities of deep-sea resources are limited. Second, the environmental constraints on marine resources have intensified, coastal wetlands have decreased, the problem of marine garbage pollution has gradually emerged, and disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities need to be improved. The third is the urgent need to improve marine scientific and technological innovation capabilities, marine basic research is relatively weak, the self-sufficiency rate of marine scientific and technological core technologies and key common technologies is low, and the innovation environment needs to be further optimized.Fourth, the overall development level of land and sea is relatively low, the coordination of land and sea spatial function layout, infrastructure construction, and resource allocation is insufficient, and the coordination of environmental remediation and disaster prevention in regional river basins and sea areas is insufficient.

In response to the above problems, China is taking effective measures to further promote the development of the maritime economy and the establishment of a maritime power.

The first is to improve the top-level design and introduce policies and measures to accelerate the building of a maritime power.The second is to integrate into major strategies and continuously expand and optimize the spatial layout of the marine economy.The third is to accelerate the conversion of kinetic energy and promote the high-quality development of the marine economy.The fourth is to strengthen use control and build a new pattern of integrated land and sea protection and utilization.The fifth is to implement scientific and technological research and make breakthroughs in a number of key core technologies related to the sea.The sixth is to carry out pilot demonstrations and innovate marine management systems and mechanisms.

Pan Xinchun also introduced in detail the progress of the relevant work of the China Oceanic Development Foundation.

Since its establishment in 2015, the foundation has mainly carried out the following tasks.

First, in order to fund the economic development of countries along the Maritime Silk Road and small island countries, the Foundation has established the Maritime Silk Road Project “Promoting Marine Spatial Planning and Promoting the Development of the Blue Economy”. The main content includes funding and guidance along the Maritime Silk Road. Countries and small island countries prepare marine spatial plans, introduce Chinese foreign companies to invest and develop the marine economy, help train marine management talents, formulate marine governance systems, and build marine management information systems.

So far, the foundation has signed cooperation agreements with 18 countries including Cambodia, Thailand, Fiji, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique and the Pacific Islands Development Forum regional organizations, and the work is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Second, in order to promote the development of international marine high-tech enterprises in China, the bridge and link project “Gather marine high-tech resources to promote high-quality economic development” has been established. The main contents include: contact with members of the Blue Economy International Alliance, world-renowned chambers of commerce, and mainstream Investment institutions have cooperated with the governments of more than 30 large and medium coastal cities in China and participated in the high-quality development of China’s marine economy; directed the release of “Investment Information on the High-quality Development of China’s Coastal Cities Marine Economy” and “Report on the High-quality Development of China’s Coastal Cities Marine Economy to the world”, to hold high-end forums on marine economy at home and abroad. Work is being actively carried out.

Thirdly, a consulting and suggestion project of “Focusing on Major Marine Issues Research and Contributing to the Construction of Marine Governance System” has been established. The main contents include: research on the establishment and improvement of China’s marine governance system, marine space planning and coastal zone protection and utilization planning system research, domestic and international interactions Promoted research on the marine economic cycle, expansion of domestic demand and high-quality development of the marine economy, marine ecological security, marine culture along the Maritime Silk Road, Northeast Asian marine economic circle, the practice of the United Nations law of the sea, the law of the high seas, maritime rights and cooperation, the United Nations The International Decade of Marine Science for Sustainable Development, etc.

Fifth, the ecological construction project of “Guarding the Beautiful Coastline, We Act Together” has been established for 4 consecutive years in more than 40 coastal cities across the country at the same time (events include marine theme live performances, Keynote speeches, exhibits of objects and pictures, on-site presentations by experts, volunteers picking up litter on the beach, and exchanges with tourists, etc.), each time hundreds of thousands of people participate. Ecological restoration of the islands of Fujian’s Lantau Island and Ningde waters has also been carried out.

“The work of the foundation is directly or indirectly contributing to the high-quality development of the marine economy,” Pan Xinchun concluded.

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