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CurrencyWorks Inc., Formerly ICOx Innovations, Takes Charge In Emerging Branded Digital Currency Sector (TSXV and OTCQB: CWRK)

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CurrencyWorks Inc., Formerly ICOx Innovations, Takes Charge In Emerging Branded Digital Currency Sector (TSXV and OTCQB: CWRK)

September 18
09:32 2019
CurrencyWorks Inc., Formerly ICOx Innovations, Takes Charge In Emerging Branded Digital Currency Sector (TSXV and OTCQB: CWRK)
CurrencyWorks Inc. is building a client portfolio that may lead help them to leverage growing respect as one of the branded digital currency sectors most prolific currency developers and implementation specialists in the space.

CurrencyWorks Inc. is charging forward as one of the branded digital currency sectors most prolific branded digital currency developers and implementation specialists in the industry. Formerly ICOx Innovations, CurrencyWorks (TSXV and OTCQB: CWRK) is the new brand image that management believes more reflects the company’s vision to emphasize the legacy, continued work and commitment committed to brands in helping them design and implement digital currencies. And, as a company founded on the belief that a branded digital currency can increase transactions and eCommerce efficiencies to an organizations’ customer base, the rebranding is more in line with describing the broad scope of services that the company can offer.

Moreover, with a growing list of partnerships already in place, CurrencyWorks is already well-positioned to perpetuate its commitment and experience in helping brands to redefine the transaction value chain for customer attraction, engagement, and retention through the creation and implementation of their own digital currency.

Branded Digital Currency Market Expected to Grow Exponentially

While the term “branded digital currency” may be new to some, the implementation and case studies of how it can help define a new era in eCommerce have been a work in progress. Global companies, including Facebook and JP Morgan, are already well into the development of their own branded currencies, Libra and JPM Coin. Other global brands including Starbucks and Samsung are also preparing to capitalize upon the digital currency movement, with each of them said to be building and implementing branded currencies into their respective business models to help create efficient markets to assist in seamless financial transactions as well as to create a more intensified customer loyalty application.

Now, as an increasing number of companies appear ready to embrace the market-driven change, CurrencyWorks is creating partner relationships that may lead to them becoming an eventual market leader that can help usher in the changes expected in the retail, banking, and marketing landscapes. Further, unlike the under-the-radar startups that lack a proof-of-concept portfolio, CurrencyWorks is already implementing next-generation technology through the use of “branded digital currencies” by partnering with at least four Fortune 5000 companies and private organizations. And, in an industry that is in its infancy, the growing list of clients that are utilizing the strengths of CurrencyWorks may help the company to emerge as an important services provider in an industry that is being described as a generational shift in how commerce will be conducted in the coming months, years, and decades.

Partnerships In Place At CurrencyWorks

At CurrencyWorks, the proof of its value is getting demonstrated through its work with at least four partner companies, including, KODAKOne, Freedom Coin, sBetOne, and Cathio, each of whom is already developing and implementing branded digital currency projects with the company. These partnership development programs may set the stage for CurrencyWorks to leverage client success stories that can demonstrate and prove their ability to design and implement a comprehensive branded digital currency platform. It’s a benefit that may likely lead to substantial growth as more companies migrate toward the new technologies. Hence, even though CurrencyWorks is enjoying growth as an early participant in a potentially ultra-lucrative market, it is also one of only a small handful of companies that is positioning itself for long-term growth that can capitalize on both early and late adopters of an innovative technology that is expected to become a mainstream addition to company business models.

It’s no secret that the long term goal of CurrencyWorks may rest in its hopes that it can, in essence, “mint” money for both its clients and itself. And, with the company dual-listed company on both the TSXV and the OTCQB, its growth may be assisted by its ability to utilize the benefits of its listing to raise capital that is unique to publicly traded companies. Moreover, in addition to having the ability to raise money through stock sales, as a publicly-traded company, CurrencyWorks, is one of only a few companies in the sector that can is bound by transparency, accurate reporting, and regulatory oversight.

With growth already on the books, CurrencyWorks is targeting additional business opportunities from both established and emerging brands to create new branded blockchain economies powered by their own branded digital currencies. Each client relationship has the potential to generate up to $2 million in product development fees, and can also position the company to participate in revenues as an equity partner by receiving up to 33% equity in each joint venture. The business model is also designed to attract long-term recurring revenue streams, benefiting from recurring transaction-based fees, referral fees, and ongoing consulting fees. And, with some analysts projecting that thousands of potential clients may already be in the market to implement digital currency strategies, CurrencyWorks may inevitably earn a sizable portion of an enormous market opportunity that is still considered to be in its infancy.

Huge Opportunity In The Making

Although the sector may be in its infancy, analysts at Barclays are already making the case that branded digital currencies can revolutionize eCommerce. In a recent report, they suggested that the planned Facebook’s Libra P2P stablecoin could generate more than $19 billion in revenue to the company by the year 2021. Moreover, JP Morgans, JPM Coin, is also expected to shave billions off its banking costs by streamlining financial applications that can save enormous dollars related to institutional transfers and settlements.

To earn its share of industry trust, CurrencyWorks is led by an experienced management team that is headed by Cameron Chell, who is the Chairman and co-Founder. The company is guided further by its experienced President, COO, CFO, and Director of Technology, as well as by an Advisory Board comprised of industry experts that have decades worth of combined experience in the areas of financial investment, blockchain technology, and emerging company development.

Moreover, although the industry may be in its early stages of development, those that have been in the sector understand that the importance of timeliness, proof-of-concept, and strong leadership will ultimately separate the winners from the losers. And, despite CurrencyWorks trading as a micro-cap stock on the TSVX and OTC exchanges, its infrastructure may be worthy of a higher valuation. Clearly, the company’s timing and proof-of-concept strategies may add to the payoff, as well.

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not a matter of “if” the markets will change, but more a question of “how fast” it will happen. And, with speed of adoption concern for business both big and small, CurrencyWorks, who is already developing and implementing digital currency programs for Fortune 5000 clients, may be on a path to become a recognized leader in the branded digital currencies space.

Further, as one of the only companies currently able to prove their ability to create and implement branded currency solutions that can potentially serve millions of online consumers, CurrencyWorks is in a unique position to legitimately point to an active campaign of leading the design, build, and implementation of branded digital currency platforms for companies of any size.

As the sector grows, CurrencyWorks is a company to watch.

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