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ZTE Corporation Powers New Intelligent MAN for 5G Integrated Transport Service

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ZTE Corporation Powers New Intelligent MAN for 5G Integrated Transport Service

January 10
19:06 2023

ZTE Corporation, an industry-leading international provider of advanced communication and information and technology solutions, recently announced that it had achieved the second-largest share in the China Unicom 2022 intelligent metropolitan area network (MAN) equipment centralized procurement.

As the 5G technology matures, the existing networks need to evolve, meeting the requirements like service expansion, bandwidth upgrade, flexibility and convenience. To ensure the sustainable and rapid development of telecommunications services, operators must make significant advances in network transport, service provisioning, service models, and O&M (operations and maintenance).

Earlier, ZTE Corporation, by virtue of its cutting-edge 5G technology, partnered with China Telecom to construct the new smart MAN in 2021, exploring the future network’s development and building a new efficient and flexible network architecture. 

Capitalizing on the deep technological accumulation in the IP field, ZTE has built the large-scale network cutover and deployment, demonstrating its powerful strengths in end-to-end deployment and end-to-end products. The robust functioning of the ZTE ZXCTN 9000-EA series, ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS series, and ZXR10 M6000-S series mark a significant stride from theoretical research to the deployment of the new MAN. 

ZTE’s strong support also helps China Telecom lay a solid foundation for the large-scale deployment of the MAN and has made a key innovation breakthrough in re-architecting the network.

ZTE’s advanced 5G solutions selected in smart MAN centralized procurement

ZTE Corporation’s ZXCTN 9000-EA and ZXCTN 61 series packets transport devices, which were chosen for this project, will assist China Unicom in improving the overall service transport capability of the operator’s smart MAN. 

Intending to meet the requirements of 5G, enterprises, home broadband, and cloud-network convergence, the operator has achieved breakthroughs in network management and control systems, network architecture, and equipment capability to construct its smart MAN, an upgraded metro IP network. ZTE Corporation’s advanced solutions have strongly supported the project and continuously pushed the network evolution.

ZTE Corporation’s two series products, ZXCTN 9000-EA and ZXCTN 61, will be applied in the intelligent MAN’s core, access, and aggregation layers. Its ZXCTN 9000-EA series product will act as aggregation and core nodes supporting novel technologies of SRv6, FlexE, and high-precision clock. Meanwhile, its ZXCTN 61 series devices will be used as access nodes to satisfy the 5G transport requirements for low latency, high bandwidth, high accuracy clock, and FlexE.

According to GlobalData’s IP Edge Routers Competitive Landscape Evaluation report, published in May 2022, ZTE Corporation’s ZXCTN 9000-EA series routers gained “Very Strong” as well as raised to “Leader” in “Supported Services” and “Management and Control”. Meanwhile, its ZXCTN 61 series products, according to GlobalData’s 5G IP Transport Competitive Landscape Evaluation report in September 2022, were rated “Very Strong” as well as acknowledged as “Leader” in the “Network Slicing and Programmability.” 

In the intelligent MAN procurement management, ZTE Corporation has been consecutively chosen by China Unicom for three years as the important strategic partner, fully showing ZTE’s robust product abilities.

ZTE laid a solid foundation for building a new metropolitan area network

Various new applications and services have emerged with the advancement of enterprise information technology and the ongoing development of cloud services and mobile Internet. Fixed broadband traffic is steadily increasing, while mobile services are rapidly expanding. The rapid expansion of cloud AR/VR, 4K/8K video, and the distinct emergence of online education place significant bandwidth demands on mobile as well as fixed transport networks.

The MAN solution is built to unify the STN and IP MAN network architecture n order to develop FMC (fixed and mobile convergence) networks while improving network efficiency and lowering network construction costs.

ZTE Corporation won the IPRAN products centralized procurement for its ZXCTN 9000-EA series, multiservice packet platform, and ZXCTN 6000 series, the intelligent 5G transport access product.

The equipment enables its partner fully use the intelligent MAN’s multiservice transport capabilities, as well as accelerate the development of next-generation cloud-network convergence. Moreover, it can enhance the user experience and promote the expansion of the digital economy by optimizing traffic grooming and simplifying the network protocols.

ZTE Corporation has deeply participated in the intelligent MAN construction. At the aggregation and core layers, it offers the ZXCTN 9000-EA series multiservice packet platform to transport intelligent MAN’s core services. The distributed large-capacity ZXCTN 9000-EA series, which uses the most advanced non-blocking switching architecture in the industry, provides a broad set of service capabilities for transporting services in Metro-E, mobile backhaul, and FMC scenarios while efficiently reducing CAPEX and OPEX. 

As for the access layer, ZTE Corporation’s 6000 series can connect to intelligent MAN’s 5G backhaul services and support 2G/3G/residential/enterprise/LTE services. The 6000 series, which is based on an in-house chipset, incorporates revolutionary technologies such as FlexE, SR, SDN, high-precision clock, and network slicing o effectively transmit services in 5G URLLC, eMBB, and mMTC scenarios. Furthermore, the 6000 series help to develop on-demand networks to meet the needs of the enterprise, NSA/SA, as well as residential broadband services.

The new MAN sets a successful example for future network transformation research and practices through cloud-network synergy. With a new protocol, architecture, and operation, the new MAN project embodies agility, simplicity, openness, centralization, and security in network design, technology selection, and equipment selection. Besides, it fulfils the need for high experience and massive connections from future enterprises, vertical industries, IoT services, and individual users. 

ZTE Corporation has made adequate preparations in terms of equipment capability provision, intelligent solutions, as well as personnel training and reserves. It is willing to establish a partnership and work with China Telecom closely to vigorously research 5G network design innovation, stimulate the creation of novel cloud-network services, and create a fresh engine for cloud-network synergies.

In the year’s head, ZTE Corporation will continue collaborating with China Unicom to support the development of the new intelligent MAN project for 5G services’ integrated transport, aiming to promote the new-generation network and cloud convergence, and drive the digital economy development.

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