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Introduction Of Vertical Flow Air Flotation Machine

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Introduction Of Vertical Flow Air Flotation Machine

October 21
16:32 2022

Wastewater treatment has been puzzling various enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, such as papermaking, printing, food, petrochemical and other enterprises. Jinlong Company has introduced a vertical flow air flotation device based on years of practical experience in sewage treatment.

This equipment has large and dense bubbles, smaller diameter, up to 20 microns, and stronger adsorption. In the reaction process, microbubbles combine with flocs, and the separation of suspended solids and water is completed instantly and completely. Sludge at the bottom of the tank can be discharged intermittently. The operation shows that the treatment effect is stable, reliable, up to standard, easy to operate, easy to master, low operating cost, and has been widely praised by users.

Characteristics of vertical flow air flotation machine

1. Large processing capacity, high efficiency and less land occupation.

2. The process and equipment structure are simple, easy to use and maintain.

3. It can eliminate sludge bulking.

4. The floating SS and sinking SS can be significantly reduced.

5. Aeration to water during air flotation has obvious effect on removing surfactant and odor in water. At the same time, aeration increases dissolved oxygen in water and reduces part of insoluble COD, providing favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

6. For the water source with low temperature, low turbidity and more algae, the vertical flow floatation machine can achieve good treatment effect.

Plastic Cleaning Sewage Treatment

Plastic is an important raw material in our production and life. Plastic products can be seen everywhere in our life, and the consumption is increasing. Plastic waste is a recyclable resource. Generally speaking, they are crushed and cleaned, made into plastic particles and reused. In the process of plastic cleaning, a large amount of waste water will be produced. Wastewater mainly contains sediment and other impurities attached to the plastic surface. If discharged directly without treatment, it will pollute the environment and waste water resources.

Principle of plastic cleaning sewage treatment

The pollutants in plastic sewage are divided into dissolved pollutants and insoluble pollutants (i.e. SS). Under certain conditions, dissolved organic matter can be transformed into non-soluble substances. One of the methods of plastic sewage treatment is to add coagulants and flocculants, convert most of the dissolved organic matter into insoluble substances, and then remove all or most of the non soluble substances (i.e. SS) to achieve the purpose of purifying sewage.

Plastic cleaning sewage treatment process

The plastic particle flushing sewage is collected by the collection pipe network and flows into the grid channel by itself. The large suspended solids in the water are removed through the fine grid, and then flows into the regulating pool by itself to regulate the water volume and uniform water quality; The regulating tank is equipped with sewage lift pump and liquid level controller. When the water level reaches the limit, the pump will lift the sewage to the air flotation sedimentation integrated machine. In the system, by releasing dissolved gas and water, the suspended solids in the water are attached to the water surface by small bubbles, and the suspended solids are scraped to the sludge tank by the slag scraping equipment to remove suspended organic matter; The heavy organic matter slowly slides to the bottom of the equipment along the inclined pipe filler, and is discharged into the sludge tank through the sludge discharge valve. The supernatant treated by the equipment flows into the buffer pool by itself, regulates the water volume and uniform water quality in the buffer pool, and then lifts it from the sewage lift pump to the multi-media filter to remove the remaining pollutants in the water through filtration and activated carbon adsorption. The scum of the air flotation tank and the settled sludge of the sludge discharge pipe are discharged into the sludge storage tank for regular transportation and treatment, and the purified sewage can be discharged up to the standard.

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