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3TREES 2023 Annual Color – Wakening·Spring Star Green

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3TREES 2023 Annual Color – Wakening·Spring Star Green

October 19
15:56 2022

East or west, the color of home is the best

The traditional color culture is an important part of the Chinese culture. The five main colors, i.e. green, red, yellow, white and black, are intrinsically linked to the five elements of earth, wood, fire, water and gold, incorporating the Chinese cognitive concepts about the nature and universe, ethics of life, social philosophy and other wisdom into a traditional color culture and world view with distinctive Chinese features.

The arrival of spring breathes new life into all living things

Behind the traditional Chinese colors lies the oriental aesthetics and ancient wisdom that have been passed down for thousands of years, inspiring infinite creativity and creating a subtle cultural inscape. The beauty of the Chinese colors, which is imbued with the spirit of the Chinese nation, is still shaping the aesthetic concept and daily life of every Chinese.

As a national paint brand in China, 3TREES, based on China’s 5,000-year cultural traditions, combined with the global mainstream NCS natural color system and in partnership with Puyuan Color Research and Development Institute, launched the 3TREES 2023 annual color “Spring Star Green” under the theme of “Wakening” to promote the culture of Chinese colors and spread the energy of nature. Featuring a positive and upbeat tone, the yellow-green color resembles the vigor of life, generates a unique feeling of refinement, elegance, agility and depth for the home space, and conveys the positive power of a beautiful life.

Spring star is the color of budding grass and trees. The morning star of spring features the color of green and yellow. According to the Historical Records·the Book of Heavenly Officials, “the color of the morning star: green and yellow for spring.” Spring is the beginning of a new year, and morning star is the beginning of a new day. The vast universe has given us a hint about the meaning of spring. The color of the spring star is a symbol of beginning and hope, the sign of a vibrant life, and the prelude to a promising future.

01 Sprouting

When spring comes, everything grows. The combination of green and tan colors, which are the symbols of nature, presents a refreshing and soothing outlook. The awakening of all living things is the source of new life and hope.

The large area of Spring Star Green sets a fresh and healthy natural tone for the interior. The dominant light green, supplemented by elegant light tan and warm orange colors, generates a harmonious and pleasant interior environment; the rich and rustic rattan and plush texture dotted in between introduces an artistic taste into the interior, and turns it into a cozy space for an artistic vacation.

02 Refreshing

The sunny spring days are made for enjoying a life of peace. In the warmth of the spring rivers, between the red flowers and green willows, and in the surrounding of green bricks and black tiles, a idyllic picture of “stone bridges, flowing water, willow wigs, ferry boats and drizzling rain” comes to life before our eyes. The dramatic combination of gold, green, blue and red colors creates a magic blend of purity and exuberance.

Spring Star Green mixed with tech-rich blue and neutral white features a harmonious combination of cool colors; the supplement of vibrant bright yellow and soft gray pink reinforces the visual contrast between colors, creating a futuristic and trendy modern home-decor style.

03 Seclusion

 Along the stone path, I step into the mountain woods, watching half of the valley shrouded in cold clouds – deep in the mountain valley, we find ourselves temporarily disconnected with the hustle and bustle of cities. The elegant green, brown and black colors are the footnotes of a hermit life, and convey a life attitude of transcendence and seclusion.


On top of the soft beige tone, Spring Star Green forms a subtle, moderate color contrast with dark red. The combination of warm and cold, light and dark color blocks enriches the visual depth of the interior space, and generates a sophisticated vintage taste with the supplement of exquisite decorative elements.

04 Simplicity

Simplicity is beauty. Spring Star Green and pure white, gray and tan make a peaceful and smooth color combination. An inclusive mind accommodates all differences and accepts all things. All the fame and fortune are like passing clouds. Keeping a balanced life and maintaining a mind of peace is the essence of a healthy life.

The combination of Spring Star Green with dark brown and beige creates a simplistic and intelligent mood of oriental aesthetics. The simple and pure colors are in perfect harmony with the smooth lines of Chinese furniture, creating an air of poetic elegance in the shift between reality and imagination. 

Chinese colors capture the fleeting moments of natural illusion, and record the change of seasons and the flow of time; Chinese colors feature a sense of poetic elegance and generate endless inspirations; Chinese colors represent a cultural legacy passed down through the millennia, and bring to the world the unique beauty and charm of Oriental aesthetics.

Today, with the acceleration of national rejuvenation and the rise in cultural confidence, it is all the more important to retrace, explore and envisage the style and application of Chinese colors. With “Chinese paint, millennial color” as the theme of natural and healthy home painting, 3TREES is seeking inspirations from Chinese colors to share its understanding of a beautiful life.It is also out of the respect for nature and hope for the future that 3TREES released its 2023 color theme “Wakening” and annual color “Spring Star Green”.

The beauty of Chinese colors is unparalleled. The colors are shaped by nature and filled with poetry. Flowers, trees, sky, clouds and shadows - everything in sight can inspire new colors, which shows that the Chinese people appreciate, love and aspire to create beauty. As a Chinese paint brand, 3TREES will commit itself to the mission and vision of creating a better life for users with environment-friendly, healthy products and touch-the-heart services, provide consumers with one-stop products, color matching solutions and painting experience, and help more families realize their dream of a beautiful life with practical actions.

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