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Technology Company, iFollowAlerts Rolls Out Innovative Technology to Home Health, Senior and Nursing Home Markets in Time to Help During COVID-19 Crisis

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Technology Company, iFollowAlerts Rolls Out Innovative Technology to Home Health, Senior and Nursing Home Markets in Time to Help During COVID-19 Crisis

October 19
11:39 2022
iFollowAlerts technology that has been ideal for emergency notification of mass shootings situations at schools, universities, businesses, and other public places, has a new use now

Florida – Technology is the star of the show as millions of individuals and businesses deal with sheltering in place and stay-at-home mandates across the U.S. iFollowAlerts, an innovative technology company has created a tech product/service that is quietly filling a safety and lifesaving need different than the much heralded and popular video meeting and virtual live services for businesses and families.

Users can activate theFlorida-based iFollow Alerts emergency app, which is on their smartphone. Then a live video of them, their situation and location is broadcast to designated key people who can monitor the events in real time. The aptly named monitor has access to the user profile, including medical/health issues and the location which is visible on their computer screen. They can have a two-way conversation and assess the situation that triggered the notification. If necessary, they can send first responders/law enforcement to that location.

“Innovative” is an often-overused word to describe new technology”, according to national safety expert, Tracey Hawkins (aka “Tracey, the Safety Lady”). “It is exciting to find a product that doesn’t have competition and truly fills a safety need across so many industries.”

Hawkins reviews safety and security technology and offers workplace safety training to the staff of nursing homes and home health agencies, along with the real estate field. She says there is a need for onsite staff members to be able to notify and consult with offsite administrative and medical staff during the nationwide lockdown of nursing homes since staffing levels are minimal to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is the only tech of its kind and  would add another safety net for lone home health workers to be able to speak with key personnel live, as well.

In these unprecedented times when family is not allowed to visit nursing homes, Hawkins sees ways this product can be used to notify families of news and events at the facility, too.

“I have a family member in a nursing home now since the virus crisis. The social worker must call every single family with updates. It would be a better use of his time to be able to send a notification (text or email) to everyone with the push of a button.”

The administrative staff could hold live meetings and share updates with all families using this device, as well. Since it allows two-way communication, there could also be a crucial question and answer session. Assisted-living resident communities would be able to ensure residents and families that they have access to live and real time help in case of emergencies.

Because of its ability to send mass notifications, iFollow Alerts is popular in the business, hospital, school, and university markets. Its application would also be ideal for the property management industry and companies such as WeWork in order to provide tenants a way to stay in touch with building management and alert them of any maintenance or safety issues. The ability to send group notifications is an additional benefit.

iFollowAlerts is an end-to-end ecosystem that is compatible with any web browser and smartphone platform.

For more information, or to request a 30-day trial, please contact iFollowAlerts at 786-209-3301 or visit iFollowAlerts.com

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